Clerk’s Report October 2018

Clerk’s Report October 2018


The news that the District Council has agreed a grant of nearly £22,000 to the project to replace the Village Hall play equipment was welcomed.  This has moved the project much closer to the target figure and the next phase will be to ‘firm up’ one of the three quotes.

A further grant has been received the WW1 Commemorative fund ensuring that the Lapworth War Memorial will be cleaned and well turned out for Remembrance Sunday.

The Parish Council received reports from the District and County Councillors who advised that:

–           a hostel has been opened in Leamington Spa to house 22 people and is already at full capacity;

–           Kenilworth had ‘hosted’ its last horse fair;

–           3,270 responses had been received in the survey regarding the future of Newbold Comyn Golf Course.  Five options would be considered by the District Council in November;

–           After its current fleet travelled the equivalent of 4.6 journeys around the world last winter, Warwickshire County Council has updated its winter fleet to ensure that Warwickshire’s roads are geared up for the winter conditions.

The County Council has strengthened its winter maintenance fleet with the procurement of 14 replacement vehicles, at a cost of £780,000.  The 14 second hand  vehicles replace 14 15-22 year old vehicles which are time-expired and becoming more and more costly to maintain. Newer vehicles are more environmentally friendly as they meet modern vehicle emission standards.’

A number of concerns have been received regarding speeding traffic and poor parking on lanes and by the school.  These will be forwarded to the County Council and the police to ask whether there are any measures that we can support to address these concerns.  Both these organisations are constrained by limited resources and it is a shame to have to call on them to address parking and speeding issues.

After a sunny summer the Bromehall Lane Toilets will close for the winter season on 4thNovember 2018.

The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month.

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