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Lapworth Parish Council decided in 2012 to sponsor creation of a Parish Plan for the community.  Essentially, this will set out a wide-ranging strategy for development of our community over the next 5-10 years.  The Plan will focus on those issues that the community feels are important for Lapworth and on the actions required to deal with problems and build on successes.  The target is to complete and publish the Plan around the end of 2013.

A Steering Group of local residents was formed in July of last year and has since met monthly.  A public meeting for all residents was held last November and a “drop-in day” was held at the Village Hall in February.  Members of the Steering Group have also met widely with local groups, clubs and businesses in the Parish.

The result is that we have gained a good grasp of what issues concern our community, what could be changed, and what needs to be preserved.  

The Lapworth Parish Plan has been published in January 2014

What is a Parish Plan?

It is a statement of how the community wishes to develop over the next 5-10 years, together with an action plan to achieve the vision.

Why do we need one?

Change is a constant in life and the Parish Plan process will give Lapworth a voice to influence its future as well as revealing the needs and wishes of everyone in our community.

What if we don’t have one?

Not having one indicates to local authorities and neighbouring villages that we don’t care about our community environment.  It could also mean that our issues and preferences aren’t heard, leading to regional decisions being made without reference to us.

What are the real benefits?

Lapworth will be able to reflect the views, needs and wishes of the parish as a whole in future planning. It can also help secure funding for community projects, give Lapworth a voice at local, regional and even national level and ensures our views are on record whenever Lapworth comes up for discussion

Lapworth Parish Plan Published

A copy of the Lapworth Parish Plan can be viewed by click here

The Parish Plan has now been published and formally adopted by the Parish Council, which has set up a sub-committee to oversee implementation of the actions.

The Parish Council response to Local Plan can be found by clicking here 

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