Clerk’s Report November 2018

The November meeting of the Parish Council had no representatives from either the District or County Council as they were all present at the Public Meeting called to discuss the much debated move of the District Council Offices to new offices on the site of Covent Garden car park.  The car park has irreparable ‘concrete cancer’ and will need to be demolished whatever the outcome but the debate goes on with calls for a referendum to coincide with next May’s local elections.

District Councillor Mrs Gallagher had however been busy and had submitted the following to all Parish Council’s in her ward.

‘In response to what I feel is the growing fear of crime I felt my ward could do with something really tangible that would keep them better informed and up to date with what is going on. Consequently, I asked Fraser Pithie, who runs the very successful “Kenilworth Watch” website, if he could help. I am really pleased to inform you that as a consequence the communities in the Warwick Rural West and in my District Council ward now have a dedicated website.

Fraser, who was a Special Constable for several years looking after the Lapworth and Arden Ward patch, has immediately set up “Tapster Watch”.

The new website is here;

Tapster Watch is NOT a Neighbourhood Watch group and does not wish to impinge upon any such groups that maybe in place and operating, Tapster Watch’s only purpose is to provide prompt and timely information and alerts about crime in our area.

If each householder provides their email address in the field on the home page and clicks the “ Follow” button they will get an email with the full details of the latest post uploaded onto the website.

People need not worry about their email address being safe, it is not harvested by Tapster Watch or given/sold to anyone else. Everyone can also be reassured that they won’t get emails from Tapster Watch or other third parties selling things or pushing issues. Tapster Watch ONLY sends out emails that relate to the latest website post and that means its information about your neighbourhood and crime literally as it happens and is posted.’

The website already has a lot of reports on it and District Councillor Mrs Gallagher has also arranged for a specialmeeting to be held later this month with Jeremy Wright, MP, the Warwickshire Police Crime Commissioner, representatives of the Police and chairs of parish councils in Arden Ward to discuss crime within her ward..

After a lovely Autumn the usual warnings of taking care to ensure that trees and overhanging branches were safe during the winter months were discussed and this year a special consideration was given to leaves and a request issued that they are not blown on the roads as they cause blockages in the drainage system.

The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month.