Clerk’s Report September 2018


Following the summer break the Parish Council considered funding requests from the Parochial Church Council in relation to both the war memorial and the transition of Parish Magazine to universal distribution.

This year Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day are coinciding and it is the 100thanniversary of the end of WW1.  To reflect and support the occasion the Parochial Church Council proposes to have the Lapworth War Memorial cleaned and the surrounding slabs repointed and cleaned.  The Parish Council unanimously supported this initiative and undertook to make up the shortfall in funding required, following the outcome of other grants sought. This shortfall was remarkably decreased following Warwick District Councillor Mrs Gallagher’s offer to personally finance the cleaning of the War Memorial.  Thanks were extended to Councillor Mrs Gallagher for her spontaneous generosity which enables both work to the War Memorial and the slabs to be carried out together prior to the 11thNovember.

The Parish Magazine changed to universal distribution in February 2017, as recommended within the Lapworth Parish Plan. Recruiting volunteer distributors has gone well and now nearly all residents within Lapworth receive free copies of the magazine.  However printing double the amount of free copies has had a financial impact and whilst advertising income is growing there was a large one off financial deficit in 2017. To rectify this the PCC retendered the printing contact, making a 40% saving in the cost of production, sought funding from other donations, asked for voluntary contributions which have been generously given and it was anticipated that the magazine should be on a sound financial footing for the future.  A one off grant of £1,000 towards the transition deficit in 2017 was agreed by the Parish Council.

Complaints had been received by Parish Councillors regarding parking on Rising Lane near the Punchbowl which result in visibility being impaired. These concerns have been passed to the police and the County Council for investigation.  Also in relation to parking the visibility splay of Mill Lane on to Old Warwick Road will be considered for consultation in relation to parking restrictions by the County Council.  It has been stressed to the Parish Council however that due to limited resources not all sites put forward would be agreed.

The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month.

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