Clerk’s Report June 2018


The May meeting of the Parish Council saw Councillors Henderson and Rees unanimously elected to the positions of Chairman and Vice Chairman.

Work carries on to secure funding for new play equipment for the Village Hall play area and a new Multigoal is to be delivered and installed in early July.

Grants have been received from the Warwick Rural West Forum, the Lottery, the Lapworth Charity, Dorridge Fun Run and from 1stof July to the end of August you will be able to vote for this cause in ‘Tesco Bags of Help Scheme’

The playground initiative will be one of three community projects that can be voted for in the following stores

6685    BIRMINGHAM ALCSTR EXP    B47 5PN    Express

5203    DICKENS HTH BIRM EXP    B90 1UA    Express

2515    DORRIDGE SOLIHULL EXP    B93 8HH    Express

2624    Hall Green    B90 3LU    SS

2344    HALL GREEN STRTFD EXP    B28 8AB    Express

5498    KINGS HEATH BIRM EXP    B14 6EB    Express

2785    KNOWLE METRO    B93 0LE    Metro

2959    LODE HEATH SOLIHL EXP    B91 2LJ    Express

5656    ROBIN HOOD BRMHAM EXP    B28 0LG    Express

3188    Solihull    B90 4EN    Extra


This could secure a grant of up to £4,000 for the project receiving the most votes and £2,000 and £1,000 for the runners up.

To vote, you will need to make a purchase within store of any value. You will receive one token per transaction and it’s not necessary to purchase a carrier bag in order to receive a token.   The voting boxes are not immediately obvious in Dorridge and Knowle but they are by the exits and you may need to ask for a token.

Thanks were again extended to Clare Shales for her tireless fundraising and to Chris Holdsworth for his kind offer to put up the new multigoal.

Following an update regarding a recent event held to support people living with dementia Councillor Henderson also advised that by law, someone who has been medically certified as having a permanent condition that affects their intelligence and social functioning (eg, Alzheimer’s or severe learning difficulties, but many other conditions may apply) can be ‘disregarded for council tax purposes’ in England, Scotland and Wales – in a similar way that students are, for example.

It means you can claim:

  • A 25% discount – if you live with someone with a severe mental impairment and no other adults, or only adults who have also been disregarded for council tax purposes. Effectively you get a single person’s discount – but when claiming, specify you require a discount because you are living with someone who is severely mentally impaired.
  • A 100% discount – if you have a severe mental impairment and live alone, you shouldn’t be paying any council tax at all.

The Parish Council meets in the Committee Room of the Village Hall at 7.30pm on the second Monday of each month.

Minutes and Agendas for meetings are on the Parish Council website

Clerk Contact details – phone 01676 533258 or email