Clerk’s Report April 2018



The March meeting hosts the Parish’s Annual Assembly which gives the opportunity for local organisations to report on the achievements and activities for the previous year. As well as the regular contributions from the School, Charity, Doctors Surgery, Village Hall Committee and County, District and Parish Councils a welcome addition to the agenda was a report presented on behalf of National Trust that gave the following highlights:


Packwood House and Baddesley Clinton have now completed their 2017/18 financial year which has proven to be another successful year.


At Packwood the annual visitor numbers were 207,000 to date although the final figure will not be available for another couple of weeks, it is expected to finish this year somewhere in the region of 215,000 and the forecast for 2018/19 will be 222,000. Baddesley’s annual figure has come in at 226,000 and is anticipated to rise to 229,000 for the 2018/19 financial year. Packwood House is only looking to grow incrementally having removed largescale marketing at both Baddesley and Packwood. The current focus is on capacity planning and management both at Packwood and Baddesley looking after the existing visitors rather than gaining more.


A local village pass for Packwood House and Baddesly Clinton is up and running after initial delays in the planning stages and then waiting for approval from head office. Local community passes are now available for some residents in the following lanes – Rising, Packwood, Station, Mill, Haywood (between Rising and Quarry Lane), Grove, Netherwood, Abourtree and Chessetts Wood Road.  Further details available from telephone 01564 783294.


At the April meeting an interesting insight into ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras was given by a representative of Barston Parish Council.  A number of businesses and individuals had put cameras in Barston to protect their property and linked them via the internet for controlled and selective viewing and time-limited storage of data. These have now been supplemented by a number funded by the Parish Council at a cost of approximately £2000 each.


Work carries on in relation to the funding applications for the Lapworth Village Hall playground refurbishment.  A grant has been received towards the funding required for a new multigoal to replace the football goal and it is hoped to have this in place for the summer season.


Notification had been received from the District Council that planning permission has been granted for 38 dwellings and associated access, parking, open space and landscaping at Meadow House/Kingswood Farm on the Old Warwick Road.


The toilets in the Brome Hall Lane car park are now open to the public for the summer season.


The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month.  The Annual Meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 14thMay at 7.30pm in the Village Hall.


Minutes and Agendas for meetings are on the Parish Council website


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