Clerk’s Report February 2015


Following a complaint by a local resident Warwick District Council had arranged the removal of 27 bags of rubbish from Tapster Lane around the motorway bridge.  The District Council was thanked for its prompt response but it is regrettable that such action is necessary and that rubbish is literally dumped in such a beautiful location.


Following the approval of a bid for money from the Warwick Rural West Community Forum funding has been secured to repair or replace nine of the noticeboards in Lapworth.  Work will start shortly.  This will be just in time for the official Electoral Notices that will be posted.  Three elections are taking place on 7th May.  The General Election, District Council Elections and Parish Council Elections – so there could be quite a lot to look at.


Warwickshire’s county councillors have agreed a 1.95% increase in Council Tax for the authority’s proportion of the Council Tax bill (about two-thirds of the total bill that homes pay). This equates to about 44p per week for a typical household.

Highlights within the budget include investments of: £1m in apprenticeships in Warwickshire; £2.5m to improve the safety of our children in relation to traffic, road and cycling safety around schools; and £1.5m to ensure that every child in the county has the very best start in life.


Savings were being made across the board to achieve the £92 million pound deficit, over 3 years, caused by Central Government Funding reductions.


A recording of the live streaming here is available here and further details are available on the WCC website – although its not so easy to find details of the savings as it is the ‘highlights’.


Work to dredge the local canal is complete with a total of 1,400 tons of sediment removed from between Lock 14 and Lock 19. 1,350 tons were sent to a compost facility to be blended with other organic wastes to form a soil for landscaping use and 50 tons went to a landfill site.


The Dorridge Fun Run is scheduled for Sunday 7th June and representatives from the Fun Run will be attending either the March or April meeting – watch the website or Village Hall noticeboard for confirmation on the agenda.


On the subject of the website you will notice that the name of website has slightly changed and can now be accessed on


The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7.30 in the Village Hall

2015 dates  9th March, 13th April, 11th May Annual Parish meeting, 8th June, 13th July, 10th August provisional planning meeting only, 14th September, 12th October, 9th November, 14th December, 2016 dates 11th January, 8th February, 14th March Parish Assembly, 11th April, 9th May Annual Parish Meeting


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