Clerk’s Report October 2020

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT Parish Council meetings are still taking place remotely but it was encouraging to see a number of members of the public attending virtually. Against a national backdrop of sharply rising Covid 19 cases Lapworth Surgery has asked if the Lapworth Volunteers could look at increasing their activities in the next few … Read more

Clerk’s Report September 2020

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT Following the reopening of the Lapworth Village Hall playground it is great to see that it has been well used over the summer. Lots of positive feedback has been received including ‘it is the best play area by miles for miles’. Thankfully the Lapworth Volunteers have had a quieter month. Masks … Read more

Clerk’s Report August 2020

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT Both the July meeting and the August Planning Meeting of Lapworth Parish Council took place online via video conference –the new way of working comes with some challenges but members of the public are able to join and can access details together with the agenda are published on The Lapworth … Read more

Launch of Lapworth Volunteers to Help Those in Need

Launch of Lapworth Volunteers to Help Those in Need You may have received a letter from NHS England recommending that you self-isolate over the next 12 weeks for medical reasons. If so, you may be feeling concerned about the coming weeks, especially if you do not have friends or family or neighbours to help. Lapworth … Read more

Lapworth Coronavirus Volunteers – Here to Help

Lapworth Volunteers – Support during Coronavirus Pandemic  You may have received a letter from NHS England recommending that you self isolate over the next 12 weeks for medical reasons. You will almost certainly also have seen or heard about the Prime Minister’s announcement last night which now makes that recommendation a requirement. If so you may … Read more

Clerk’s Report February 2020

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT At the February meeting the Parish Council was pleased to approve a grant request from Lapworth Cricket Club to support the purchase of an electronic scoreboard to complete ground improvements that the club has implemented over the last 15 years. Also approved was part funding for an umpires’ changing facility as … Read more

Clerk’s Report January 2020

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT The first meeting of 2020 was attended by David Butler, a representative of the Planning Department, of Warwick District Council.  David outlined the purpose and benefits of a Lapworth Neighbourhood Plan and advised on the process for having one adopted. A Neighbourhood Plan (sometimes called a Neighbourhood Development Plan) is a way … Read more

Clerk’s Report November 2019

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT   Recent events in Grove Lane brought representatives of concerned residents to the November Parish Council meeting. The new owner explained: –           any concerns about Traveller involvement were misplaced –           his vision was use the site to provide a fishing facility with luxury cabins for overnight accommodation –           the site would … Read more

Clerk’s Report October 2019

The October meeting took place on a very wet evening and recent reports of flooding were discussed. Any incidents of flooding on the highways should be reported to Warwickshire County Council’s Flood Risk Management Team at This is not an emergency contact, if there is immediate risk 999 should be called, but the Flood Risk Management … Read more