Clerk’s Report November 2019



Recent events in Grove Lane brought representatives of concerned residents to the November Parish Council meeting.

The new owner explained:

–           any concerns about Traveller involvement were misplaced

–           his vision was use the site to provide a fishing facility with luxury cabins for overnight accommodation

–           the site would be a commercial venture for all to enjoy

–           have disabled access

–           provide opportunity for local employment.

–           he anticipated the fishing lake would be 20 meters by 40 meters and was contacting the District Council to discuss a Planning Application.

Unfortunately the new owner was not able to stay to respond to questions from members of the public who flagged concerns as to:

–           the haste of work to date, filling in of the pond and devastation of the meadow caused by the bulldozer which had been home to flora and fauna in recreational land and the Green Belt

–           ancient hedgerows ripped out to put in place a new entrance without planning permission

–           proposed installation of ‘hard standings’ which could be used for a variety of purposes

–           flooding caused by the disturbance to the land

–           that no planning application had been lodged with the District Council

–           that could be part of incremental growth which could lead to further developments on the site, particularly if the Cricket Club were not to extend their lease

–           the temporary Stop Notice provided by the District Council was due to expire and which time there was the potential for further activity

District Councillor Illingworth advised it was not possible to issue an extension to the Temporary Stop Notice and that there were no legal grounds for issuing a permanent one, and at this stage no breach of planning laws had been committed should retrospective planning permission be sought and granted.

Local residents were requested to report any unauthorised activity to the District Council via Councillor Henderson, tel 01564 783672

Ros Anscombe, Community Development Worker – Rural South Warwickshire, also attended the meeting to promote the joint WCC/WDC Warwick Rural West Community Forum grant fund 2019-20 to the Parish Council and to members of the public attending the meeting.

There is £7,250 available in the community forum fund pot to support community projects in the Warwick Rural West area and the Forum is very keen for groups to know about this opportunity and apply. The application process is straightforward and examples of what has been funded previously to raise awareness of what can be applied for.see the forum webpage:

The fund launches on Monday 2 December 2019 and is open until 20thJanuary 2020.

The Parish Council has also received confirmation of £10,000 funding from the District Council to support Indoor Sporting Activities in Lapworth Parish.  A small amount is also available for Outdoor Sporting Activities. Please contact the Clerk if you are interested in finding out more.

Residents of Lapworth have again reported fly tipping. There have been problems with fly tipping in Wharf Lane for a number of years where there is an unofficial “lay-by” on the north side of the road approximately 75 metres west of Swallow Cruisers boatyard.

Around 12 black bin bags of rubbish were deposited at this site over the last week. This has already been reported to WDC.  Any further instances should be reported to WDC Contract Services at

The next Meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place on Monday 9hDecember at 7.30pm in the Committee Room of Lapworth Village Hall. Meetings are held at the same time the second Monday of each month.

Minutes and Agendas for meetings are on the Parish Council website

Clerk Contact details – phone 01676 533258 or email