New electric vehicles for the Mobile Library service, and a new timetable for Lapworth

Warwickshire County Council’s library service is delighted to announce that two brand new, fully electric mobile library vehicles, will be arriving in early 2024.

The two bright, modern, and attractive vehicles will be similar in size to the current vehicles and offer the same reliable service, whilst being fitted with a lift each to provide improved accessibility for customers. The new vehicles will enable the service to be delivered in a more environmentally friendly and sustainable way.

Timetable updates

In preparation for the new electric vehicles, the service is required to make changes to the existing mobile library timetables:

  • New mobile library timetables will be introduced from Monday 9th October 2023.
  • Mobile library visits will change from being every three weeks to every four weeks.
  • Locations that currently receive a weekly visit will receive a visit every two weeks.

These timetable updates will ensure there is capacity to continue visiting regular customers, whilst being able to expand the refreshed service to new communities in Warwickshire.

The new timetable for Lapworth is:

15 Chapel Lane:                                                          9:15am – 9:30am

181 Chapel Lane:                                                        9:35am – 9:45am

Harborough Cottages, Old Warwick Road:                11:30am – 12:00pm

Lapworth School, Station lane:                                  3:00pm – 4:00pm


8th September 2023 17th November 2023 16th Feb 2024
29th September 2023 15th December 2023 14th March 2024
20th October 2023 19th January 2024  


Priory Close:                                                               11:00am – 11:20am

7th September 2023 16th November 2023 15th Feb 2024
28th September 2023 14th December 2023 14th March 2024
19th October 2023 18th January 2024  


About the Service

Each mobile library has:

  • A selection of books, including large print
  • Spoken word
  • Books for young children

Each mobile library is accessible with a low entrance of two small steps and a ramp at the rear for wheelchair users.

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