Clerk’s Report February 2019


The recent public meeting with Jeremy Wright MP. Philip Secombe PCC, and senior police at Rowington Village Hall had been extremely well attended with in the region over 150 members of the public attending.  The meeting was chaired by Fraser Pithie (founder of Tapster Watch .  The Parish Council extended thanks to District Councillor Sue Gallagher for arranging the meeting and to Fraser for adeptly chairing it.

A PUBLIC MEETING called by District Councillor Sue Gallagher to discuss concern over crime levels in the Rowington, Lowsonford & Lapworth areas and attended by over 150 residents took place at Rowington Village Hall on Friday 8 February 2019.

The meeting was primarily a question and answer session for residents. Fraser Pithie independently chaired the meeting with a panel that comprised of Chief Inspector David Kettle from Warwickshire Police, Rt Hon Jeremy Wright QC MP and Philip Seccombe, Warwickshire Police & Crime Commissioner (PCC).

The police’s Warwick Rural West Safer Neighbourhood Team comprising of Beat Manager PC Ross Kirby, Police Community Support Officers Marie Gisbourne-Hanks and Paul Coleman were in attendance. In addition one of the PCC’s Rural Crime officers Emily Naysmith and Paul Ledden from Warwickshire County Community Safety Team were also present.’

A full summary of the questions and answers is available at a few responses are reproduced below:

Phillip Seccombe – Warwickshire Police & Crime Commissioner

‘The maximum number of police officers that Warwickshire have had was in 2008 was 1025 officers, at the moment there are 800 officers. The precept that I have agreed will enable us to recruit around another 200 officers. By March 2020 our aim is to get to 976 officers.’

I have asked the Chief Constable to focus more on rural crime and consequently he has agreed to set up a Rural Crime Team which will focus much more on criminal activity in rural areas. I also believe that everyone also has to do more for themselves, I am funding three Rural Crime Advisors and they are there to help and support you with practical advice that can you help protect your home and property. I also commend the Neighbourhood Watch.’

Chief Inspector Kettle – Warwickshire Police

‘We are very aware of the rise in crime locally late last year and we have and continue to be doing a considerable amount of work around that. Some arrests have already been made and persons have been charged and remanded in custody. This work is ongoing and therefore I cannot say anything further at this stage.’

‘The Safer Neighbourhood Team for the Warwick Rural West area patrol the area on a regular basis. In addition the 24/7 response teams, roads policing units and also crime investigation are also patrolling the area. Some of these personnel will not be marked cars because of their work but nevertheless it does mean that when they are in the area there is a police presence.’

‘One of the areas where householders can make a difference and lessen the chance of easy entry into their home is to make sure that they have ‘anti snap locks’ fitted to their doors. There have been several instances locally where these have defeated criminals trying to get into a property. Link to snap lock video

Emily Naysmith – Rural Crime Advisor

‘Another measure that is really effective in preventing the theft of motor vehicles, including most sought after or high value motor vehicles is the fitting of a robust steering immobiliser. Criminals are thwarted by these because of the time, noise and potential damage they would have to make to remove the immobiliser before being able to steal the vehicle.’ (Details of Steering Immobiliser link on website)

The Annual Assembly of the Parish Council is scheduled to take place at 7pm on Monday 11thMarch 2019 and will be immediately followed by the ordinary meeting of Lapworth Parish Council.  Representatives of local organisations will present reports and members of the public are very welcome.

Minutes and Agendas for meetings are on the Parish Council website

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