Clerk’s Report June 2016

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT   The May meeting of Lapworth Parish Council saw Councillor Clive Henderson and Councillor Haydn Rees unanimously elected as Chairman and Vice Chairman respectively. Councillor Corney, who had chosen not to stand for election as Chairman for the forthcoming year was thanked for his able leadership during his tenure.   There … Read more

Clerk’s Report April 2016

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT   A number of residents attended the April meeting as considerable concern had been caused by a website post stating that Nurton Developments had entered into a promotion agreement on a 22 acre site in Rising Lane, Lapworth which was previously considered for inclusion within the Local Plan and for removal … Read more

Clerk’s Report March 2016

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT The Annual Parish Assembly took place in March and reports were received from the Lapworth School, Lapworth Charity as well as County, District and Parish Councils. The previous year had seen Lapworth benefitting from the knowledge and representation of two District Councillors following a change to ward boundaries and both they … Read more

Clerk’s Report February 2016

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT Flooding throughout the Parish was high on the agenda following the wet weather. Reports of high water levels, diverted traffic and resultant silt and debris were discussed. Jetting has subsequently been carried out and parts of the Old Warwick Road cleared and swept. Both County Councillor Mrs Compton and Peter Hallam, … Read more

Clerk’s Report January 2016

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT A Lapworth Housing Needs Survey is planned to be carried out shortly.  Your local Parish Councillor will be hand delivering a survey that will give households the opportunity to comment on the need and/or desirability of any new housing in Lapworth Parish, and the nature of such housing, if any. The … Read more

Clerk’s Report September 2015

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT The September meeting welcomed Janet Smalley to her first full Parish Council meeting as a new Parish Councillor. Cllr Mrs Smalley lives in Packwood Lane has been a resident of Lapworth for over 30 years, with interests in conservation and the environment To commemorate previous Chairmen of the Parish Council a … Read more

Clerk’s Report June 2015

LAPWORTH PARISH COUNCIL REPORT There is currently a vacant seat on the Parish Council and expressions of interest are welcomed.  The Parish Council meets once a month and its work falls into three main categories   –           Representing the local community –           Delivering services to meet very local needs –           Working to improve quality of … Read more