Clerk’s Report January 2016


A Lapworth Housing Needs Survey is planned to be carried out shortly.  Your local Parish Councillor will be hand delivering a survey that will give households the opportunity to comment on the need and/or desirability of any new housing in Lapworth Parish, and the nature of such housing, if any. The individual household surveys can be returned by freepost and the results anonymously collated.

A housing needs survey was last carried out in 2010 when approximately 760 Housing Needs Survey forms were distributed and 270 forms were returned. This equates to a response rate of 36%, a rate considered to be good for a survey of this type. We are hoping however for a much higher response rate this time. Six respondents expressed a need for alternative housing. The specific needs expressed were;

Rented –        4 x 2 bedroom houses

Shared Ownership –           1 x 2 bedroom house

Owner Occupier –    1 x 3 bedroom house

The new Warwick District Local Plan has identified sites for 63 new dwellings in Lapworth over the next 15 years (43 in Kingswood including 20 in Rowington Parish, and 20 at the Aylesbury House site). The Plan is yet to gain final approval by the government-appointed Inspector, and further proposals should be available by the end of January but there is no indication at this stage of any further significant changes effecting Kingswood/Lapworth. In order to assess whether or not this will meet or exceed the need for housing in Lapworth we are carrying out a survey to identify the types and sizes of homes that local people need. The survey is for everyone, however, not just people in housing need.


After a request from the Parish Council to the County Council funding has been approved for signage improvement.  Shortly the signs in the verge by Bell Cottages on the Old Warwick Road will be relocated or raised in height to enable pedestrians to walk along the verge towards Hockley Heath avoiding walking in the road.

The second scheme is to replace the old signs on the junction of Station Road / Old Warwick Road. The Parish Council thanked County Councillor Mrs Compton and WCC Traffic and Road Safety Officers for their support in securing the finance and approval to implement the proposals.

This is against a backdrop of cuts to District and County Council funding by Central Government.  Both District and County Councillors advised that their proportion of the local Council tax levy could rise by up to 2%.  Lapworth Parish Council’s funding from the District Council has remained unchanged for 2016/2017.

After the recent wet weather flooding and soggy verges were on the agenda.  Local residents are encouraged to take action to resolve issues to allow the free flow of water  from the highway and reminded that it is an offence to place rocks and logs on the public verges that prevent vehicles passing and parking.

The flooding that took place on the Old Warwick Road by the Boot is being addressed by the Canal and River Trust clearing the nearby culvert under the canal to enable water to flow off the road.

The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7.30 in the Village Hall

2016 dates 8th February, 7pm start 14th March Parish Assembly, 11th April, 9th May Annual Parish Meeting

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Clerk Contact details – phone 01676 533258 or email