Village Hall Playground Re-Opening 4th July 2020

Playground Re-Opening

Lapworth Parish Council is really pleased to reopen the playground following the relaxation of lockdown procedure. To prevent the spread of Covid 19 the Parish Council has been advised that the below recommendations must be followed to minimise the virus spreading and potential lockdown again. Users will be using this facility at their own risk.

  1. Please keep 2 metres apart or 1 metre where 2 metres is not possible, Unless from the same group.
  2. Only one child on a piece of equipment at any one time unless from the same group.
  3. Please limit the use of any one item to 10 minutes, this will allow other children to use the playground so everyone has a chance.
  4. Please queue or wait in a safe place until the item you want use is free.
  5. DO NOT use the equipment if you have any Covid-19 flu like symptoms or if you have been in contact with anyone who has.
  6. Please be respectful of other users.
  7. No gatherings of more than 2 households or 6 people.
  8. We recommend that equipment is cleaned e.g. touch points, towels or toys before & after and try not touch anything else.
  9. No physical contact with people outside of your own household or group
  10. No food or drink is permitted in the area or on the equipment and please take your rubbish home.
  11. Do not share any mobile devices, equipment, food or drink with others. 12. Please bring your own hand sanitiser or wipes and use after each piece of equipment.
  12. Do not touch your face whilst using the equipment.
  13. If the playground is busy please come back later and use another time.
  14. No spectating please use the equipment and then enjoy the park or go home

Lapworth Parish Council reserve the right to close this facility if it is misused.

 Lead by example – We are in this together