The Lapworth Charity – Notice of Consultation

The Lapworth Charity wishes to consult with those living in the Lapworth area on various changes it is making to its governance and range of charitable activities.  The Charity has existed for at least 600 years.  It provides almshouse accommodation and makes grants to individuals, our churches, Lapworth School and various local groups.  It is currently subject to a governing document set down in 1963 and, with the consent of the Charity Commission, the trustees wish to alter some of the details of the scheme.

There are two primary changes:

  • currently the Charity’s activities are formally limited to the Ancient Parish of Lapworth. The trustees wish to update this to include the Civil Parish of Lapworth and the Ecclesiastical Parish of Lapworth within its “Area of Benefit”; and,
  • the Charity provides almshouse accommodation. The trustees wish to have the power to provide other forms of low-rent accommodation.

There are other detailed changes which are designed to bring up to date the documentation which governs the way we run the Charity’s affairs and deliver our charitable objects.  The changes do not reduce the range of individuals or groups we can help.

The Charity Commission requires us to consult with those who might benefit from the Charity about these changes.  You can see the existing and proposed constitutions on our website:  Go to the page on Governance.

If you have any comments on the changes, please let us know.  You can get in touch with us by email via the website or at (please put ‘Constitution Changes’ as the heading to your email).  Alternatively, please contact us by post, sending your letter to:

The Braids, Rising Lane, Lapworth, B94 6JE .

Please let us have any comments by 10 January 2024.  Please note that this time limit cannot be extended.


Dr Rory Nicol

Chair, The Lapworth Charity