Guidance about Placing Obstacles on Grass Verges

The Parish Council has been asked to look into the matter of logs, stones and other items being used to protect grass verges outside of properties.

Unless otherwise specified in your deeds, a ‘public highway’ will usually include the road, pavement and grass verges between the boundary fence, dry stone wall or hedge line and the road.

We would want to remind residents that under the provisions of the Highways Act 1980 , it is an offence to block, obstruct or damage road verges. This includes rocks, posts, A-boards etc. If someone is injured or damages their vehicle on rocks or posts etc, legal action could be taken against you as the homeowner if you have placed these items on the verges.

Whilst we understand residents desire to maintain the appearance of our villiage we did feel it was incumbent on us to clarify the legal position of these actions, so residents are aware of the potential implications.

Lapworth Parish Council