Clerk’s Report January 2017


The developers, AC Lloyd and Delta Planning, attended the first meeting Parish Council meeting of 2017 to present proposals for 36 houses at Meadow House/Kingswood Farm. The development would include a range of different sized homes, including some affordable housing. The developers plan to submit a planning application around April 2017 with a view, if permission is granted, to works starting during 2018.

A well attended public consultation session had already been held and issues flagged, and reiterated by the Parish Council, included traffic safety (access and egress), pedestrian crossing of the Old Warwick Road, parking allocation, flooding concerns and whether there was potential for a small play area.

Traffic issues are never far from the Parish Council’s agenda and a traffic monitoring survey commissioned on the Old Warwick Road by Bear House Farm had given the following key data:

*          The data was collected during the week 29.6 to 6.7.2016.

*          Over 50% (2,689) of the vehicles travelled in excess of the 40 mph speed limit each day that week The majority of these fell into the 41 – 50 mph range (2,331). Though the mean speed recorded was slightly under the limit as .

*          If the speed limit were to be enforced, even with a 10% (4 mph) allowance, approx 1,100 vehicles per day would be caught unless behaviour changed.

*          6 vehicles travelled at over 60 mph during the week – none during school/work hours

As a result of concerns expressed the Parish Council has commissioned two further surveys to be carried out by Warwickshire County Council. These are near the Village Hall and Willpower Garage. If the data is returned in time the intention is present it at a public meeting on 13th March 2017. The meeting is scheduled to start at 7pm and include:

A speaker from Warwick District Council who will provide the latest details of the Warwick Local Plan and housing in Lapworth

A chance to meet your Parish Councillors and District/County Councillors

Hear about the school, the surgery, The Lapworth Charity and the Village Hall Committee

Find out about and comment on recent traffic surveys reports in Lapworth

Register an interest to help set-up and run a potential recreation facility

Join up to help set-up a Neighbourhood Watch scheme

Learn about plans to distribute the Parish Magazine to all in the Civil Parish

The Parish Council meets the second Monday of each month at 7.30 in the Village Hall

Meeting dates are 13th February 2017, 7pm 13th March Parish Assembly (see above), 10th April 2017, 8th May 2017 Annual Meeting

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