123+ bin deliveries update for residents

Ahead of the new 123+ recycling and refuse collection service starting next week on Monday 1 August, Warwick District Council is providing residents with an update on food caddy and bin deliveries.

Deliveries of the food caddies and blue-lidded recycling bins are ongoing, however due to several factors, delivery is currently behind schedule. Priority is being given to the delivery of food caddies and the Council are working hard to deliver all of these by 1 August. Priority is also being given to the delivery of recycling bins for those properties that have a recycling collection next week.

Residents who have not yet received their bins, just need to report this to us once by emailing 123collections@warwickdc.gov.uk.

All waste will still be collected even if the new bins have not arrived.

If you haven’t received an information book or calendar – you can view collection dates and the schedule on the Council website; enter your postcode, find your address then select the ‘waste collections’ tab and scroll down to see the dates and schedule from 1 August.

You can also download the Council’s app on the App Store or Google Play, and collection dates will be in there from 1 August.

If you haven’t received your food caddy – food waste can be put into the garden waste bin temporarily if you’ve subscribed to the collection of them from 1 August. Otherwise, food waste can be placed in the grey bin until the food caddy arrives.

If you haven’t received your recycling bin – priority is being given to those properties that have a recycling collection next week. If you haven’t received it by the time of your collection continue to use your red boxes to present the recycling. There is no need to sort it, just put it all in your red boxes for it to be collected.

If you have your blue-lidded bin but have extra recycling, then you can use your red boxes to put out the extra next to your bin.